Backlit Signs

Backlit Signs for Buffalo, NY

At Arrow Portable Signs, a customer favorite is our backlit signs. Promote your company’s logo or storefront sign to indicate that you’re open. Invest in this permanent advertising solution by getting the name of your business on our graphically stimulating backlit signs.

If you’re a business or shop, your company’s storefront sign is often the first thing seen by potential customers. Make that first impression a good one by using a backlit sign on your storefront. That way, customers will first be attracted and will be more likely to recognize your logo or store in the future.

Affordable & high-quality backlit signs



Trust us when we say that all of our signs are high-quality and offer you durability at a price you can afford. Our backlit signs are meant to be outdoors, so they can withstand the elements outside.

When you purchase or rent signs from Arrow Portable Signs, you have the peace of mind that your products were used with the best materials around.

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